Read before requesting
<r>To help us fulfil your request in a more efficient manner please use the post template and follow the guidelines below when creating your request.<br/>
<B><s></s><U><s></s>Request Guidelines<e></e></U><e></e></B>
  • </s>Requests not using the below template will be locked - And in turn will push your request to the back of the queue.</LI>
  • </s>Due to the nature of the requests - Once flagged as In Progress do not bump until <B><s></s>72 Hours<e></e></B> as passed.</LI>
  • </s>Please do not attach any files to be used as examples with real names or any other personal information .. Please ensure this is changed to dummy information</LI>
  • </s>All requests will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence and any data provided to us will not be discussed in public or divulged to any third party without express consent from the requestor.</LI>

<B><s></s><U><s></s>Posting Template<e></e></U><e></e></B><br/>

</s>[b]Work Request Type:[/b] (Spreadsheet, Workbook or Dashboard)
[b]Request Details:[/b] (Please give us as much information as you can about what you want exactly and what you would like to see)
[b]Intended Use:[/b] (What will the purpose of this document be - Give us a better understanding of what you want)
[b]Additional Information:[/b] (Please supply us with any examples of data that will be used in conjuction with this workbook, Preferably as an attachment along with any examples of the kind of thing you want to see).<e>

The above is the minimum amount of information we require and as such feel free to provide more in depth information / examples.<br/>
<B><s>[b]</s>For those that wish to maintain the upmost discretion then please post a thread with what you wish to acheive and then send an email with an attachment or further information with your username and link to the topic in an email to <URL url="[email protected]"><s></s>[email protected]<e></e></URL>.<br/>
<I><s></s>Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in your thread being locked and your request having to be re-posted and delayed and could also result in warnings being issued,<e></e></I></B></r>

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